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[heading sub_header="Copyright-free creative content for your campus." header_type="h2" header_weight="bold"]Explore VideoBlocks' Digital Backpack.[/heading]
VideoBlocks Digital Backpack

Video Blocks provides:

  • Full access to VideoBlock, AudioBlocks and GraphicStock media databases
  • Unlimited downloads of video and audio clips for faculty, students and and campus staff

A couple of rules to keep in mind:

  • Download as much content as you like – but don’t share the raw downloads.
  • You need to add the downloaded files to a creative project.
  • You can absolutely share/post/upload your creative work (with VideoBlocks content) without needing to add attribution.
  • As long as the licensing guidelines are followed, you can keep using and re-using the files that you downloaded.
  • VideoBlocks content can be used in in commercial and non-commercial projects.
[heading header_type="h2" header_weight="bold"]Click on the links below to search and download your creative content.[/heading]

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