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What is U-Curate?

U-Curate is an easy-to-use, centralized platform for users to discover and download both organization-created footage and VideoBlocks’ $10M library of royalty-free digital media. Formerly unavailable and disparate collections of creative footage can now be made exclusively available to authorized members of your company.

How does it work?

  • Organizations select and upload-their own creative footage to the secure U-Curate platform.
  • Users can browse, discover and download media for their creative digital projects.
  • U-Curate also includes $10 million of royalty-free footage, audio, graphics and photos.


How do we use U-Curate?

Organziation-created footage uploaded to U-Curate can be used for a broad-range of multi-media initiatives including:

  • PowerPoint© presentations
  • MOOCs and online training
  • Video and media productions
  • Online marketing and client engagement
  • Platform integration

Features and Benefits

Organizations can:

  • Provide a searchable repository of readily downloadable media
  • Curate your organization’s creative footage
  • Secure access to authorized users
  • Access $10M of content from VideoBlocks’ Digital Backpack

Users can:

  • Find, download, and integrate media into projects with ease
  • Improve the impact of digital projects
  • Comply with campus copyright policies
  • Focus more time on creativity

Features and Benefits:

  • Optimized Creative Experience with a one-stop site for searching, discovering, and downloading creative digital media
  • Surface and Distribute Company-created footage to expand and reinforce your organization’s visual identity
  • Increase ROI on your investment in digital media (hardware, software and facilities) by making the outputs of these media investments available to a broad-range of users.
  • Powerful Content Organization using VideoBlocks robust category and keyword search algorithms

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