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[heading sub_header="A vetted source for safe, downloadable multimedia. " header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]Our needs:[/heading][heading sub_header="Students find questionable content during web searches and waste precious bandwidth on videos they can’t—or won’t—use. " header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]Our concerns:[/heading][heading sub_header="VideoBlocks offers 100% pre-screened footage that’s easy to browse and has an immediate instructional impact." header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]The solution:[/heading][button size="lg" label="Request a quote" link="https://storyblocksedu.wpengine.com/contact-vb/" link_open="_blank" custom_color="true" background_color="#ea2830" text_font_color="#ffffff"]
[panel title="The Swiss Army knife of education"]

Sometimes known as the Swiss Army knife of educational institutions, you know that, as a media specialist, you are the “go-to” person for integrating technology into a classroom and/or incorporating digital content to support the delivery of instruction. In addition to addressing the requirements of faculty and students, media specialists, particularly in K-12, are at the forefront of implementing technology programs that meet emerging skill-based educational standards.

This is not easy.

As the keepers of knowledge about “all things digital,” it is important for you to be able to offer resources that have an immediate impact for your customers, that assists meeting skills-based standards and that does not require much, if any, training to use.  Access to the content should also be simple.

We can help.

VideoBlocks provides teachers and students with access to hundreds of thousands of pieces of downloadable video, audio, and graphic content that can be dragged into a PowerPoint lesson or added to students’ media projects. Institutions use our IP Authentication system to make it easy for everyone on campus to download our curated content. Simple to use with an immediate impact: this is VideoBlocks.