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[heading sub_header="High-quality content that’s versatile and accessible. " header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]Our needs:[/heading][heading sub_header="Digital content is subject to rigid usage restrictions- this limits our creative options. " header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]Our concerns:[/heading][heading sub_header="VideoBlocks provides instructional designers professional-quality content without copyright limitations. " header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]The solution:[/heading][button size="lg" label="Request a quote" link="https://storyblocksedu.wpengine.com/contact-vb/" link_open="_blank" custom_color="true" background_color="#ea2830" text_font_color="#ffffff"]
[panel title="The Challenge"]

As an instructional designer, you understand that a well-designed online learning experience nurtures both student learning and student retention. Creating content that is pedagogically sound and engaging is crucial to ensuring that students will achieve the desired learning outcome. You want great content, that is professionally-produced, easily searchable, and copyright safe.

This is not easy.

Beyond having to be fluent in the topic you are designing, you need to navigate both internal and external polices regarding the use of digital content.  Fair use exemptions and arcane Creative Commons guidelines allow for very limited uses of copyrighted material. The increased commercialization of course content further complicates the selection and use of digital content.

We can help.

VideoBlocks’ extensive catalog of professionally-created video, audio and graphics allows developers the freedom to download and to use digital content that makes compelling and engaging learning experiences. Focus on creating.