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[heading sub_header="Modern engaging resources that don't bend copyright laws." header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]Our needs:[/heading][heading sub_header="Finding model content on our own takes time and expertise - and may send mixed signals on fair use." header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]Our concerns:[/heading][heading sub_header="VideoBlocks offers unlimited access to curated, cinema quality videos, templates and animations that makes concepts immersive." header_type="h2" section_swatch_override="on"]The solution:[/heading][button size="lg" label="Request a quote" link="https://storyblocksedu.wpengine.com/contact-vb/" link_open="_blank" custom_color="true" background_color="#ea2830" text_font_color="#ffffff"]
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As an educator, you face the challenge of providing students with the knowledge and the skills needed to be successful in an increasingly digital world. This means engaging students who are immersed in (and also expect!) a multi-media learning experience (YouTube is more popular than Facebook among teens). Like you, thousands of educators, in K-12 and higher education, understand the importance and benefit of incorporating digital media into their courses to engage and support their students.

This is not easy.

Finding quality, copyright safe digital content that you and your students can access is a time consuming process.  “Free” digital media sites often do not monitor the quality or the appropriateness of what is uploaded to their sites meaning you have to waste time sorting through sites to find a nugget of usable content.

We can help.

VideoBlocks offers unlimited access to curated, cinema quality videos, templates, and animations and provides faculty, teachers, and students with the digital content needed to produce engaging projects. Save time and create more with VideoBlocks.