Copyright-free creative content for your university

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VideoBlocks Digital Backpack provides universities with the digital resources that students need to meet the Association of College and Research Libraries’ 21st-century digital literacy standards. With the Digital Backpack’s content, your students and faculty can quickly assess, select, and ethically incorporate creative video, audio, and photo content into their projects.

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VideoBlocks Digital Backpack’s 100% copyright-free video, audio, and photo content promotes copyright compliance and reduces the likelihood that university-produced content will trigger a take down-notice for copyright infringement. Using VideoBlocks Digital Backpack, students (and faculty) do not have to ask for permission – nor forgiveness – when it comes to copyright.

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With more than $10 million of stock video footage, motion backgrounds, After Effects templates, audio clips, and stock photos, VideoBlocks Digital Backpack instantly elevates the quality of professionally-created digital content across all campus departments. With unlimited downloads, your campus creatives have complete flexibility in creating distinctive multimedia projects.