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IIP Stock Media Library


Log in to each library with the Username/Password provided by IIP.
For any questions, please contact iip_video@state.gov


VideoBlocks, AudioBlocks, GraphicStock

Q: For the Username the site is asking for an email but my email won’t work?

A: Please use the username provided by IIP. Although this is not a real email address, it will still work as your username.

Q: Are there any tutorials available on how to use VideoBlocks or about video editing in general?

A: https://www.youtube.com/user/VideoBlockscom has all kinds of tutorials on how to use VideoBlocks, Video/picture/graphic editing and examples of videos produced using their service.

Q: YouTube has flagged my video using VideoBlocks music! What do I do?

A: If your video is flagged by YouTube as matching a third party claim, please email support@videoblocks.com and provide the following information:


  1. The VideoBlocks page URL for the specific download or the filename as it appears on our site. Example: http://www.videoblocks.com/videos/details/top-of-the-world-full/ OR   50016-59.wav


  1. The YouTube link of your video that has received the claim. This is very important – without a link to a specific video (or videos) we cannot move forward in getting the claim released!


  1. The name of the third party company that is making the claim(s).


Once your message has been received by support, we will contact you directly when we are updated on the status of your claim. In case you’re curious, the reason this happens is because we don’t create the songs ourselves and instead purchase the tracks from other composers and as such, other parties may have copyright on the material. In some cases, they (wrongfully) choose to enforce that on YouTube.

Q: I’m not finding exactly the image/video I’m looking for.

A: Are your search terms specific enough? Using specific search terms, as well as operators (i.e. and/or) and other punctuation will help you get more specific search results. Google has some great search tips to help you narrow your results: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/2466433

For additional VideoBlocks FAQs visit:

VideoBlocks Blog

Content FAQs

After Effects FAQs

Licensing FAQs


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