Royalty-free creative content for your university.

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Ensure that your campus has the digital resources expected for success in today’s digital world.

21st Century Skills

Storyblocks Digital Backpack provides universities with the digital resources that students need to meet the Association of College and Research Libraries’ 21st-century digital literacy standards. With the Digital Backpack’s content, your students and faculty can quickly assess, select, and ethically incorporate creative video, audio, and photo content into their projects.

Copyright Compliance Made Easy

Storyblocks Digital Backpack’s 100% royalty-free video, audio, and photo content promotes copyright compliance and reduces the likelihood that university-produced content will trigger a take down-notice for copyright infringement. Using VideoBlocks Digital Backpack, students (and faculty) can create with confidence.

$10M in Creative Content

With more than $10 million of stock video footage, motion backgrounds, After Effects templates, audio clips, and stock photos, storyblocks Digital Backpack instantly elevates the quality of professionally-created digital content across all campus departments. With unlimited downloads, your campus creatives have complete flexibility in creating distinctive multimedia projects.